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Which Package To Choose: Advice For Our Customers And Future Customers

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We get people asking these questions by emails pretty often. So I decided to dedicate a post on our blog explaining which package we suggest to choose when, what to do if you need backlinks for a new site, what types of backlinks you can start with, what to change them to later on, and such. So if you are not completely sure which package of backlinks to choose, this should explain it all.

First thing we ask our customers when they come to us asking for help with the package selection, is “what has been done previously with your site in regards to backlinks”?

Scenario#1: new website or no serious backlinking done

Most often their site is new or nothing serious has been done previously – no backlinks, or some backlinks with no real strategy.

In this scenario, we suggest to build backlinks in the following way (and I`ll explain why right after listing the order:)

1) Press Release submission package

2) Complete SEO package

3) Regular package

4) Press Release submission package

5) Regular package

Here is why this is effective (if on-page SEO is done of course!):

1) When you have a press release submitted, you start getting syndications and backlinks from all over the web, and the number of them is growing on a regular basis – without doing anything additionally (that`s just how press releases work, read more about it here).

Your site is starting to get backlinks, it`s starting to get attention in the eyes of the search engines. All happening naturally, various websites and thousands of blogs on the Internet are starting to speak about your site, linking to it with your keywords as an anchor text.

2) Then, your site is being submitted to directories (which is part of the Complete SEO package), fresh content starts to appear on Web 2.0 properties and article directories, all linking to your site – the attention YOUR website is getting, is steadily increasing, making your site look more and more popular.

3) At that same time, your links appear on dozens and hundreds of forum profiles, people start commenting on blogs and bookmarking your site – all of that voting for your site – all of that increasing your site`s importance.

High PR profile links and blog comments keep on showing up, the number of these backlinks is being catched up by the search engines every day – your site is getting popular!

4) Now, another press release is being submitted, letting other hundreds and thousands of blogs and websites to syndicate your content – all with YOUR links included.

5) You keep on increasing attention by adding another batch of high PR profile links, blog comments, RSS submissions and social bookmarking links.

During this time (4-5 months), your site should climb up in the search engines results. You add more backlinks to beat the competition until your keywords reach the desired position.

Scenario #2: Older site, backlinks are being built, but no serious movement

This is very frequent. First, we always suggest to improve the on-page SEO. It is almost ALWAYS that there is something missing.

Please make sure you have your site optimized very well:

- Keyword in the title, description and meta keywords, URL too if possible

- Keyword in H1, H2, H3

- Image on the page with the keyword as and ALT text

- Keyword in the first and the last 100 words

- Similar keywords used (you can find them by doing a search on Google for your main keyword, scrolling down to the bottom of the results page – and there Google shows a few related ones)

You need to add more fresh, unique content to your page (that`s extremely important after the Google algorithm update!).

Now, to start moving the site, steps of the scenario #1 should be done, just that you might need more backlinks to get the rankings moving. One of the most important parts in this scenario #2, is that AFTER you get the site optimized and more fresh content on it, you need to let Google know it needs to re-evaluate your rankings. And of course, to re-evaluate, it will need to have the newest copy of your site – re-cache it.

To get the site recached, a good idea is to have it pinged and social bookmarked at 100-200 social bookmarking sites over a period of several days. Do not freak out if your site is not yet re-cached in a week or so – many times it can take two weeks or even more. Google is not as fast as we would like it to be sometimes :)


Please keep in mind all of the above goes hand in hand with the on-page optimization, and great content on your site (especially after the latest Google algorithm update, which is all about sharing great content on your web property).

When you have your site well on-page optimized, and you share great content (which is exactly what Google is looking for – to provide its searchers the best search experience), a good backlinking strategy will do the job!

Say us what you think!

All the very best,

Alex and Ivana


10 Responses to Which Package To Choose: Advice For Our Customers And Future Customers
  1. I have a relatively new site and I haven’t established any backlinks as yet. I think this article has some sound advise and I intend to follow the recommendations to get the backlinks to my site.

    Thanks for such a good article

  2. I have made it a practice for all of my new websites to send out a press release as soon as I have some content up. I have found that with some sites that is all I have to do to get on the first page of the SERPS. On more competitive sites I wait about 2 weeks after sending the press release and then buy one of your packages to start building backlinks.

  3. I have been using some of your other packages and they are great, so I will sign up for a few press releases soon

  4. Anton says:

    I want to take advantage of this offer. I have a relatively new site and I haven’t established any backlinks as yet.

  5. Berry says:

    Do you atleast create one anchor text pointing to website page on your Press Release submission?

  6. LD Team says:

    Yes we do, on all PR’s that are submitted.

  7. Virginia says:

    Press Releases can increase the site page rank and site visitors

  8. Mark M says:

    G’day Alex and Ivana, great article, if you can explain it a bit more, as I’m still a bit of a newbie. Can you email me


    Mark M

  9. Vlad says:

    This article convinced me to signed up :)
    I am looking forward with this.

  10. LD Team says:

    Hi Mark,

    We`ll gladly answer all your questions, please contact us and let us know what you need help with!

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