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Effective Email Marketing – Make $500-10,000 with This Simple List Building Strategy

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The fact is people are struggling with IM and online business so this post will be about making you some money ;-) . You know that we are also very big on list building, but most people ignore this important step so here is a very effective email marketing strategy that can print you money on demand.

The fact is – you have to capture those leads that come to your site.  It is a MUST!

Please listen to this strategy before you run away because it can really help you get a regular income and overall you do not have to work more than a couple of hours to maintain it (of course this is after you set it up ;-) ).

We often hear of people saying – if I could just make $500 extra from this business, it would really really help me.  And we will show you how to do exactly that (and probably more), so listen up.

This can be done in any industry.  Money saving tips, weight loss, IM and so on. The investments you need are a few:  Hosting, Domain Name and of course email auto responder such as Aweber.

The opt in should be for something people really can use.  So do give away something of a great value.  If in weight loss industry, give them a really cool diet plan… something people would pay money to get.   In IM industry it can be a training of some kind, in money saving tips, it could be secret strategies to cut the cost or pay off debt faster, and so on.  But what ever it is, make sure you do give them quality info.

The goal is to build a large list, but it does not happen over night!

So you will need to:

  1. Write a powerful guide – must be something of a great value
  2. Set up a squeeze page – make it so juicy that you would personally want to subscribe!
  3. Set up your Thank You page – on this page you can give bonuses, sell ad space,
  4. Set up a One time offer – this is your “success” page on Aweber list settings (meaning, that the real free guide is emailed to them)
  5. Add privacy and disclaimer statement
  6. Set up email auto responder and you are ready to go. Add your thank you as a redirect on your web form – that is, they would see your Thank You page right after filling in their name and email address, and your success page will be one time offer)

Helpful resources for this is free list building guide.

But first, if you build a list you have many benefits.  You can set up a one time offer and sell a product at 50% off.  This page can easily convert at 5-10% because the discount is huge.   It is better if you can make this offer to be a recurring membership.

Second, as you build the list, you can send your subscribers regular emails and 4 times a month sell an ad space to other IMer’s for $100 for 200 clicks.  That means right there you can get $400 bucks from your list.  And if you mail your list 2 times only, you can easily make affiliate sales, your own product sales and of course ad space revenue.

Yes, I know, in order to get to that you need to build the list first.  So how to do it?  Here is how:

In order for this to work, you will need to drive at least 10000 people to your site… Out of those 10000 you should get approximately 3000-4000 subscriber list.   That is if your squeeze page converts at 50% and considering that some people will never confirm their subscription.

With a list of 3000 people, you can easily get 200 clicks on your email message, making you $400 per month if you sell 1 ad per week.  Those clicks are better than Google ads and people are often willing to pay even more for list clicks.  Keep that in mind.

Of course when starting, the biggest obstacle is the traffic. You can get Web Traffic Tutorials to get you started.   You either have to spend the money traffic OR you have to spend your time on it.  If you spend the money, that means paying or ad space such as Google ads and banner ads, paid guest posts.  Or you can write lots of articles driving traffic to your site, and you can spend time in the forums where people are interested in what you have to offer.

Most people will choose the second option – articles.

If that is the case, then select some very low competition keywords for your articles.

First, make sure they don’t have more than 5000-10000 competing pages.

Second, keep in mind other products when selecting your articles.  This is a little twist and can drive you a lot of good traffic.  Let’s say you are promoting xyz diet.  For a popular diet, people do type in things such as “review of xyz diet”.  If those keywords do not have lots of competition, use them and in your article do a detailed review of that product, but saying, “however, this site is giving you a free guide on the same tips that xyz diet advertises”.  If they had to spend the money on the first, they will gladly sign up for the free guide.

Side note: Once you start getting regular traffic and sign ups, you can do traffic exchanges with other list builders who offer similar service or a guide as yourself, by placing an ad on their thank you page and they place an ad on your thank you page.

Now your goal is to set up 100 of those articles and you can post them on sites such as ezinearticles, usfreeads, goarticles, squidoo and so forth.  Give these articles you submitted a little link boosting (you can outsource to link building service) so they rank faster and don’t forget to do on page optimization for them.  If you are not good at writing articles, outsource the task to sites such as thecontentauthority.com.

Where do you find ad partners?  Well here are two sites to get started with:  http://warriorforum.com and http://www.safe-swaps.com/

Also, don’t forget to go with recurring memberships… This will eventually make you work less and earn more.  This will eventually create a steady flow of income.

We are not going to say this is easy… There is nothing easy about online business, BUT this is steady, it is the right and effective email marketing strategy which can easily create unlimited income for you and if you play it smart with recurring income, you can create truckloads of money :) !

16 Responses to Effective Email Marketing – Make $500-10,000 with This Simple List Building Strategy
  1. Hi Ivana,
    I will post this one here rather than a private email so it may help others.
    As you know, you are doing my link building on 6 of my sites. You suggested an opt in, so I spent two whole days investigating this and the best option I came up with was a plugin called `g-lock double opt-in manager. This precludes the need for Aweber as it uses its own database built into the wordpress plugin and the WP hierarchy to send the necessary follow up emails and compile the list. It uses your designated email provider.
    I have made the offer 189 free to download Premium WP themes.
    My question is this. I recently had my old Adwords account closed by Google. So I have set up a new account and have £100 in credits at my disposal along with £75 of Facebook credits.
    How would you suggest is the best way to market the site without falling foul of Google and getting more visitors to convert.
    The site currently averages 160 unique visitors a month according to Google Analytics.
    Also, you have just started linking for me.

  2. Thanks for the lesson. The twist on the article marketing technique was really good.

    God bless.

  3. Bryan says:

    I use this method every single day – and guess what – it works! Here is the problem that most people have… buying a domain and an autoresponder. Many cannot justify the expense. I understand, I never wanted to spend money at all in order to make money, but the truth is that you need to. At the bare minimum you need an autoresponder. You don’t NEED a domain name, but it just looks better to me!

    Once you have the autoresponder you can set up your squeeze page and start driving traffic. Just do everything you can think of to get traffic to your squeeze page – put your link on everything!

    The biggest part??? ACTION. You can’t expect anyone to do this for you – you need to read this post and DO the steps.

    Hope this helps motivate some people. Bookmarked!

  4. Tony Clingan says:

    Hi Guys

    Some good advice in your post, there are no magic answers in list building but little by little it builds solidly

    I think the other lesson is in the quality of what you send your leads after you have built your list, sadly to many people now just bombard people with the latest push button latest thing only to watch their subscribers go very quickly

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  5. LD Team says:

    Hi Randy, glad you liked it…take care…

  6. LD Team says:

    Action, action, action…nothing else, and eventually you can work less…

  7. Marsha says:

    Thanks for the tips. I will be doing those steps you have shared.

  8. I enjoyed the article- ilike many things it is a trade off between Time, Effort and Money. And the money is usually acquired by time and effort somewhere.

    What makes it great is that actual figure you put on article keyword competition. I’ll be looking out for the 5000 competing pages.

    Also liked the tip for giving a free report with tips from a charged product.

    keep it up, guys


  9. Balthazar says:

    I get about 300 spam emails every day. I hardly look at them, only to make sure that nothing useful has got into the spam folder.
    Why would I put a lot of time and effort into email marketing and list building? Wouldn’t it be better to concentrate on SEO promotion of websites and blogs, where it is the customer who is looking to buy something – rather than spam emails, where the you are trying to force the customer to buy something he didn’t want in the first place?

  10. LD Team says:

    Did you see those proofs of how much money people made from their list? If you put together a very good email message, and get targeted people on your list, you can make money from that list. SEO is a traffic method to a sales page or opt in page.

  11. Greg Davis says:

    First of all thank you for this magnificent post, this is the mistake most people make when promoting products through their website is that they do not capture the email of the visitiors which is very important in marketing.

  12. Janice says:

    Very good post and all these metheds work. It does take a lot of time and research. Email Marketing, should be at the top of your list, however..you have to give in order to receive.. Always give your list good..FREE..tips! Do the research..

    Yes, it takes money to make money..so, do a little at a time. For those who can’t afford aweber at this time, check out Mailchimp…http://mailchimp.com this is a free email service that I stumbled
    upon. I have not tried it out, but have checked it out and it looks pretty good.Just so you know, this is not an affiliate link..just free information. I love aweber because it’s so easy to use..just sayin!!

  13. Alok Pal says:

    Excellent Post as guide

  14. Scott Caser says:

    Great article as usual.
    Easy to understand, and what you say make so much sense (in a market full of non-sense).

    You gets a full house score from me.

  15. go now says:

    Get inside the tub for a good Cellulite Zerona treatment.

    One product that can help you reduce the appearance.

  16. Excellent advice Keep up the good work.

    God Bless You

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