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Did You Hear? – New Free RSS Feed Generator?

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Just giving you a little bit of heads up here.   We have mailed our email subscribers a link to free RSS feed generator! We just want to make sure you know about it as well.

If you know something about SEO, you know how important it is to get your pages indexed, and get backlinks to your websites so that they rank high on Google and other search engines.

Well, getting indexed, and getting enough backlinks is not an easy task – but most importantly, it is a very TIME CONSUMING task.

But there are some tricks (don`t worry, 100% whitehat :) ) that can help you get your pages indexed instantly, get the backlinks indexed so that your site starts to get some Search Engine attention!

And – MULTIPLY the number of backlinks pointing to your site!

All of this can be done with just one tool – the free RSS feed generator:


At LinkDominators.com, we use this tool daily to help our customers` sites rank better:

Oh and one more thing…

We used to sell this tool some time ago, but now decided to get it on our server, and let people use it for free – we`re glad to be of help!

All the instructions on how to use it are on the page, so go and start multiplying your backlinks now: Any questions – just let us know.

To your success!
Ivana and Alex

PS. Oh, you ARE allowed to share this with your friends ;)

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8 Responses to Did You Hear? – New Free RSS Feed Generator?
  1. Nowadays SEO become very necessary to grow your business online. But before you go for the SEO you should make sure that you have all knowledge about SEO strategies. RSS feed generation is also a great technique to get your pages indexed instantly. Thanks for sharing this free tool for RSS feed generation.

  2. Rich says:

    Hi Ivana,

    As a newbie to SEO can I just check how this free tool works.
    1/ Write an article or post, focused on 1 or 2 keywords using the keywords in the title, 1st paragraph and last paragraph.
    2/ Copy the link to that article page and post it into the rss generator,
    3/ Write two different keyword rich descriptions of the article
    4/ Where it says “Links” you add the web addresses of several RSS feed aggregator sites eg feedage, yahoo, etc that you want to pick up on your feed,
    5/repeat above for each new article you write.

    Is this how it works?

  3. Rich says:

    PS. What are the top 10 RSS feed aggregator sites you suggest?

    Do i just add their web address or do I put it somehow to link to an account I have created with each of the RSS feed aggregator sites?

    Sorry this may seem obvious to most but to be honest I find it very confusing??

  4. LD Team says:

    Hi Rich,

    You write SEVERAL articles, and then add THEIR URLs to the RSS Feed Generator, not the RSS sites URLs.

    Ivana and Alex

  5. LD Team says:

    Some good ones are feedage.com, feedraider. com, RSSMountain.com, Feedagg.com. But there are dozens of others you can use. When using our Free RSS Feed Generator, you generate ONE feed URL out of many articles, blogs, etc., and then submit that ONE RSS Feed to different RSS directories.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Gee Hollings says:

    I have been thinking about this for quite some time.

    Time to implement.

    Thanks for the explanation and access for the tool.

  7. I cant get the free RSS feed generator to work! I tried it several times and it will not work. Maybe its just me, Has anyone else experienced trouble with it?

  8. LD Team says:

    Hi Rondell, did you try different browser?

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