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Ivana is REALLY Upset with YOU!

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Hi there… Yeah… Ivana is here and I’ve got to say, I am REALLY… MAD!!! Steam is coming out of my ears… And the reason you wonder?  Because 90% of you are wasting money on your link building efforts!  You are making HUGE SEO MISTAKES! I wish sometimes I could yell at you :)   ha ha… but instead I will spend a bit of my time and go over the most common mistakes we see!


Yes, try to rank for “coffee” or “diaper” or “tire” or anything along those lines WILL NOT MAKE YOU ANY MONEY!  You will probably not rank for it either, and again, even if you did, what is the point… it is too broad!

Sites NOT optimized!

What you should do is AT LEAST add your main keyword phrase into your URL.  Yeah, having it in the URL makes a huge difference! It is the basics of on page optimization.  If you just spend the extra 10 min to optimize your pages, you are going to succeed online. AND – you will need way less backlinks to rank well! These 10 minutes SAVE YOU MONEY!

LINKS Broken!


Yes, there is a way to shorten your links by doing this, but most of the times this is NOT the case.

The little % sign actually means you have left a space there!  DO NOT DO THAT, do it like this instead:


Text in the Graphics?  COME ON!

Crawling spiders cannot read the text that is in the graphics (unless you optimize the graphics for it)… Add the text, use “alt” for each image, to let the search engines know what you want to rank for!  It is a lot easier :)

Make an attractive title!

One last thing!  If you are trying to rank for example for “Link Dominators”  and that is what the link dominators title said, there is a HUGE chance no body would click on it even if you were on the very first result!  HOWEVER, if you make your title sound interesting such as “Current Discount on Link Dominators Service”, I bet more people would click on it!

So here is what you need to do!  DO your keyword research.  DO it well!  Add the keyword phrase in:

TITLE (make sure your keyword phrase is included in your title)

URL (make sure your keyword phrase is in your url)

Add your keyword phrase in the first and the last paragraph of your text (and throughout the text)

Get the keyword density right (make sure it is between 1-3%)

Ta da!!!  You have optimized it!  That is NOT too hard! These things are basic and they will get you up there!

And the very last thing… Now that I got this out of me I feel calm :) !  I hope you will listen to my advice because we have a customer James C.!  He actually is a member who has the  60 URL package,  and recently I checked his rankings!  He is in Google on the #1st page for a keyword phrase that has over 11 600 000 results!  (without quotes!!!) Now, you may wonder how he did this?  Simple, he is doing the steps that are outlined above and he is consistent with his link building!  That is it, nothing more!

We see people who give up after the very first week.  SEO takes time.  James has been with us for over 5 months now, and he listens when we offer him advice.  He recently sent this message to us: “Thanks Alex. You guys are a big help to my family and I”. This has brought tears to my eyes… Because we have managed to help someone with their business and it is helping to feed his family.

We really want to help you too… But you have to take action! Stop making those mistakes PLEASE!!! Because just 10-15 minutes spent on optimization can make all the difference!

Thank you all,



35 Responses to Ivana is REALLY Upset with YOU!
  1. Patrick says:


    I have previously used your service. Actually, you guys did a good job as I do receive the report for the work done. But the reason I stopped the service, is that I saw many of the profile created kind of look very spammy.

    I really love to give you another try but I am worried of the above mention.

  2. LD Team says:

    Hi Patrick,

    It depends on what you see as spammy. People are allowed to leave links on their forum signatures. Even if you had the same link appear twice on your signature, it is not considered as spammy by the search engines – cause any web page can have more than a few links pointing to the same page, and this is normal.

    Our main goal is to help our customers achieve high rankings for their pages. And this is why we are still in this business, and going to be for a long time – because our customers get the value of these backlinks. Search engines see and count every single link, and this is what helps to move those pages up!

  3. Hi, I’d like to know what can I do to get you guys to add my new http://www.twitteringsoftwareandmarketing.com social network website to where ever is best on your website. I do have api key if needed. The website is simular to facebook but with free tips on twittering software and marketing and free blog post syndicating via widgets at http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/twittering-software-and-marketing-twitter-faceb and http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/jaquone-jefferson-socialtweeting-on-twitter and more. Thanks and jesus is blessing us, amen.

  4. Savon Pools says:

    RE: “alt” tags
    Am I missing something ? No-one ever seems to
    mention the fact that “alt” tags do not work in FireFox-
    but if you tag it as “alt/title” it will work in both FireFox
    & IE.
    I better clarify this, I really don’t know if the SEs
    pick up the “alt” in FireFox or not, but I do know that
    the “Tool Tips” will not appear unless you use the tag

  5. Nicole P. says:

    ha ha…Ivana… Please don’t yell at us ha ha…All I can say is thank you for the good advice you have given to me, because I know I was lost when I started using your service, and now I am ranking 15 of my pages on the 1st page of Google…So thank you!

  6. LD Team says:

    Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by and we are so happy we helped you :)

  7. Danny says:

    I have to agree with Nicole, after making few changes, and selecting better keywords – per your instructions, it really did make the difference in my rankings and of course in my earnings, I know I would have stopped using your service months ago if you did not point those few things out to me!

  8. LD Team says:


    That is exactly what we want to do – HELP YOU! We want to help all of you! :)


  9. mark says:

    What would I do without you!
    Your information is PRICELESS.

  10. bill says:

    Ok I am a bit embarassed here :< ( Most of the stuff you mentioned on this page is me and my mistakes.

    BUT instead of getting upset (cause I really feel you are yelling at me :) ), I will take your advice and make the changes!

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Rich says:

    I am a SEO beginner so would like to know what you mean by having your keyword phrases in your url. Do you mean having them in your domain name or something else?
    If it’s something else what are the steps to do this?
    Great article, very informative!
    Thanks Rich

  12. LD Team says:

    Hi Rich,

    You can have it in domain, but if you don’t, make small articles where you optimize for keywords so if your main keyword phrase is “seo service”

    you want http://domainname.com/seo-service

    I am glad it is helping :)


  13. The only thing I haven’t done, is putting my primary keyword in my domain name. I like it that way. It has not stopped me from first page rankings. My domain name is pretty cool to me, it has sentimental value.

    Thanks and God bless.

  14. Great tips. They really are basic but these are things we all forget to do from time to time so the reminder is great.

  15. Mike says:

    Great tips! Unfortunately I should have known this stufff BEFORE I created my website and website name. I am working on it however, and keeping an eye out for ways to improve my site as in using the “alt” for images. It’s really never too late to start!

  16. Thank you for mentioning all these helpful tips Ivana. Your team has really helped with my website when I first started to rank for my targeted keywords, especially regarding in-page optimisation. I just didn’t realise how important it was to have well optimised pages before biulding backlinks. Anways … I hope you are not upset anymore :)

  17. Bella says:

    I think your SEO advice is definitely straight to the point and well worth reading – your service has certainly helped my website !!

    many thanks:)

  18. Eric Burnett says:

    Great Post Ivana, I’ve learned all of this awhile back and it works wonders. I’m glad you shared this post, alot of people will benefit from it.

    Much Success,

    Eric Burnett

  19. Lidia Burke says:

    Ivana, I have a question here about your backlinking services. Normally how long will it takes to have those back links showed up or indexed, and is there anyway we can make the GoogleBot crawl our sites more often ?

    Thanks for the useful posts on SEOs.


  20. LD Team says:

    Hi Lidia,

    Many backlinks get indexed just by pinging, while others take some time, so there is no single answer to your question. To get your sites crawled more often – add more fresh content, social bookmark it, and just build more links ;)

  21. PVC Blinds says:

    Great post Ivana thankyou and it is very simple to implement and accomplish if one just spends a little time doing this on each page of their site.

  22. Annelize says:

    thank you for keeping us sharp.

  23. Thanks for the great information. I wish that I would have known that SEO stuff when I first started online

  24. Dave says:

    Hey, great tips, I’m going to take another look at getting my code right and spend some time fixing my keywords.


  25. Jon says:

    I can easily understand why this makes you upset. Every thing you’ve mentioned – it’s not rocket science, nor is it brain surgery. It’s simple basic common sense, yet I see, or should I say don’t see, it 90% of the time.


  26. LD Team says:

    Hi Jon,

    The thing is, it really is not a rocket science and we made this post so people can understand that if they spend a little extra time on their sites, it will actually benefit them long term and they will see results a lot faster :-) hopefully they understand that this is really for their own good.

  27. Sheyi says:

    Ivana, c’mon don’t yell at us. I was scared to open your mail but i finally opened it. lol$
    Anyways, I hope to check out your link building stuff very soon and will see if i can subscribe.

  28. LD Team says:

    :-) I am glad you did open it….

  29. ravi says:

    Thanks for all the informations :)

  30. Joanne says:

    Hi Ivana,
    When I first started out I did not realize that it is impossible to rank for keyword “weightloss” so now I am stuck with it in my url. I am ranking lst on page for Truth About Weight Loss though. I really do have to hunker down and do some SEO on my page for sure. After Xmas when I have a bit of money I will buy some links for sure. Thanks Ivana for the wonderful advice.

  31. Gabor Hodos says:

    You’re absolute right! Choosing the right keyword and making the proper ON-Page optimization is at least the half of the overall SEO strategy. These are very important things to do.

  32. Good point about getting keywords into your URLs – a lot of my clients fail to grasp this however much I bang on about it.

  33. LD Team says:

    yes, ours do the same, and we stress this point very much…

  34. pk songs says:

    some nice seo tips there, really helpful for the beginners

  35. Hello.

    This information is really good, this is essential if you want a blog on conditions.

    Ivana Thanks for your teaching.

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